Doris Herman


A Celebration of Doris Herman
Saying Thank You After Forty-Four Years

Sunday, May 21st at 3:00pm – 5:00pm, Kay Hall Register Here

Join us for an afternoon of thanks and celebration as we honor our beloved Doris Herman, teacher of the Puppies classroom of forty-four years!

Featuring remarks from a generation of Gan HaYeled alumni, a lovely afternoon tea reception and an opportunity to thank Doris for her years of loving, nurturing guidance and dedication. Please register online at Please contact Marsha Pinson if you would like to volunteer to help organize at Contributions to the Doris Herman fund, which directly supports the Gan and its teachers, can be made here.




Saying Goodbye… In Her Own Words

“Forty-four years ago, I walked through the doors of Adas Israel into a life of magic, laughter, love, and fulfillment.  I did not know at the time that, by signing up to be a part of Gan Hayeled, literally over a thousand children would walk into my Puppy Classroom and into my arms.

When I say ‘magic,’ I really do mean just that.  It has been magical for me to see these children come into my class for the first time, not knowing if this would be a safe place when it is so hard to leave their parents and to learn to trust a stranger.  It has been my privilege to earn that gift of trust along with so much affection from the children and their parents.  I know that my work has always been enhanced by my amazing teams, especially Frances and Candy, who have been with me for so many years now. 

They, along with Directors and colleagues, have shared the magic with me. Over the years, there have been many changes in the thinking about early childhood educational approaches, academic theories, and especially, technology.  When I am asked what changes I have observed in children over these many years, I reply, “none.”  None, because children are always children.  While there have been vast changes in the lives of some of the parents and changes in caregiving responsibilities, the children have remained children. The developmental milestones are the same. The needs are the same.  The excitement for learning is the same.  The need remains the same for giving and receiving friendship and laughter and love.  That is the beauty of children.

Many years ago, when my own daughter shared her anxiety about choosing a preschool in New York for her children; and some of my Gan parents turned to me with similar early childhood concerns, I answered their requests by writing a simple how-to book called Doris Herman’s Preschool Primer for Parents.  Helping parents proved exciting and fun! The process has come full circle now because my daughter’s daughter, a Junior at the University of Maryland, is interning in the Puppy Room!  It is with great pride that I see her sharing the everyday delights and joys of teaching.

As I imagine leaving the Puppy Room, I know that the magic will stay with me forever: the hugs, the smiles, the excitement of learning, the growth, the extemporaneous dances, and always the sound of the children’s laughter.  These were their gifts to me.  Puppy magic.”

With love,