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Ryna Cohen & Rita Segerman
2016 Adas Fund Co-Chairs

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"Adas Israel is our Home"
Please Give to the The Adas Fund in 2016
Chaired by Ryna Cohen & Rita Segerman

And Supported by the Adas Fund Champions! See full list of Adas Champions below…

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As you've probably heard by now, Ryna Cohen and Rita Segerman, long time and beloved Adas community members, are proud to Chair this year’s "Adas Fund" High Holy Day Campaign! Please read more about our amazing Chairs in the May 2016 Chronicle

We're also thrilled to announce that the following group of Adas Fund Champions will be partnering with Ryna and Rita this year as we seek 100% participation in the congregation’s only annual campaign! These extraordinary community members have all found a unique home for themselves at Adas Israel, and believe wholeheartedly in its continued success. Building on Toni and David Bickart’s extraordinary work these past two years, we are thrilled and grateful to Ryna, Rita and this incredible group of Champions for dedicating themselves so willingly to ensuring our congregation’s continued vitality.

We hope you will join with them as we all demonstrate our gratitude for the many personal and family journeys Adas Israel’s members, clergy, and staff inspire. Adas Israel cannot function in the way we have come to count on without this critical support, so we seek 100% participation. We are appreciative of all contributions; no amount is too small. Please share Ryna, Rita and the Champion's good example as we support this campaign, and together, build our spiritual home at Adas Israel. Please Pledge Your Gift Online Today.

Meet The Adas Fund Champions!
And find out why Adas Israel is, and always will be, their home…

Laurie and Dan Aladjem & Family, Joined Adas 2001

“Adas is home to all of us. It started with our children. They went to the Gan and had their first taste of having a home away from home. But over the years we have all grown closer to Adas, and to our Judaism, in ways we never would have imagined when we first walked through the doors.”

Erin and Aaron Claxton & Family, Joined Adas 2008


"My family was once asked to describe Adas Israel in six words. We chose: Tradition. Sanctity. Community. Belonging. Love. Home. This says it all. Our family continues to grow and learn together in the wonderful, peaceful, and engaging environment that is Adas."

Jennie Litvack, Joined Adas 1998


“Through 20 years of navigating our hectic DC lives, Adas Israel — from Gan through Bar Mitzvahs to confirmation trips to Israel — has been a warm and welcoming home for me, my husband, Rob Satloff, and our three boys, Benji, William and David.  Each one of us has had our own meaningful channels at Adas that bring us into community and our Judaism. For me, the founding of the Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington opened a whole new dimension of Judaism – spirituality — and synagogue life transformed from a family affair to include a profoundly personal experience of connection to God and community.  That experience is most intense for me when I have the honor of blowing shofar.  And Adas’ remarkable clergy have become like extended family as they have accompanied me through life’s joys and challenges.”

Adina and Sandy Mendelson, Joined Adas 1971


“Adas is the place where we have davened with family and friends, where we have learned and grown Jewishly, and where we have led and participated fully in this community. Our connections to Adas–our spiritual home–are deep and broad, totally intertwined with our lives.”


Rachel Rosenthal, Joined Adas 2008

“I feel very welcomed at Adas, and I want to help everyone else feel like Adas is a welcoming home too – with vibrant community, spiritual growth, caring support throughout life's ups and downs, and more.”

David Waskow, Ketura Persellin & Family, Joined Adas 2000


"Adas is our family's second home, the shul where our kids have grown up and learned to read Torah, lead services, and – most important – be part of a close community. Since the week we moved to DC, we've been steadfast members of the Traditional Egalitarian Minyan. Our Adas family extends far beyond the Minyan — to the inspiring and thoughtful clergy, to the brilliant and welcoming administrative staff, and, never to be forgotten, to the maintenance and security staff who organize our prayer spaces, prepare prayer books and Torahs for shiva minyans and happy occasions, and have brought smiles to our kids' faces during all our years at Adas.”


Nancy Weiss, Joined Adas 1993

“There are way too many things I could say as to why Adas Israel is my home! When I first moved to the DC area from a close-knit Jewish community in Montreal, I didn’t know how I’d find that supportive, close community feeling again. Before long, I found it at Adas! The community embraced us, my daughter joined the Gan, and the rest is history. Adas is the focal point of my spiritual and communal life and I couldn’t imagine the last 22 years without it.”

Dennis Yedwab, Joined Adas 2011


“Adas Israel is the place our family comes to be with its community. Adas Israel has been a touchstone for our family to celebrate important events and to solidify our connection to the larger community, whether at Tot Shabbat, the Gan, High Holiday Services or the Purim Shpil"