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Thank-Yous for 2016-2017 Adas Sisterhood’s Eventful Year

At the Sisterhood closing event June 11, 2017, Co-president Miriam Rosenthal toasted the many members who contributed to the year of success we all enjoyed. Here are her remarks:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you all for a memorable year.  I want to take this opportunity to recap the year and acknowledge individual contributions.

Todah rabah —thank you very much–to everyone involved with Sisterhood Shabbat. Julie Weisman was the brains and driving force behind the Friday night program, “Miriam’s Appeal,” featuring local judges and the Adas Israel Ma’alot high school students.  Miriam’s Appeal was the crown jewel of Sisterhood events ever.  And let me recognize Marcy Feuerstein, April Rubin, Betsy Strauss, Kinney Zalesne, as well as June Kress, who was instrumental in involving our Judges; Leah Hadad for organizing the delicious Sisterhood Shabbat luncheon; Rabbi Gilah Langer for hosting our scholar; Sarah Brooks for playing chauffeur; and our volunteer teachers Norman Shore, Debra Benator, Shalom Flank, Ian Gershengorn, Kurt Jacobs, Sheldon Kimmel, and Betsy Strauss. 

Todah rabah to Donald Saltz, our chaver extraordinaire, who, among other things underwrites Sisterhood Shabbat.  And to Lucy Hassell for organizing our appreciation luncheon for him, which doubled as a wonderful excuse to enjoy each other’s company.  And also thank you to Lucy and her volunteers for taking on the joint Sisterhood-Hesed Committee distribution of bags with Shabbat supplies to families of the recently bereaved.

Todah rabah to June Kress who organized the Membership mailing and chaired both Sisterhood Shabbat and the Nominating Committee, which worked tirelessly to put together a strong slate with whom I’m looking forward to working with this coming year.  Her dedicated committee included Dena Bauman, Marilyn Cooper, Jill Jacob, and Joyce Stern.

Todah rabah to Susan Winberg who is instrumental in all of our programming. She makes sure an event like the one featuring Arlette Jassel’s coloring book happens and that they are pulled off with elegance and grace. And thank you to Arlette for sharing your singular artistic talents with us.

Todah rabah to Nechama Masliansky who has streamlined the communication process, creates great copy for the Sisterhood page in the Adas Israel Chronicle, and sees to it that Sisterhood programs are featured in all synagogue communications.

Todah rabah to Dava Berkman, our treasurer, who takes care of our books.  I’m happy to announce we got a clean audit.

Todah rabah to Joyce Stern, the “face” of Sisterhood.  Over her tenure as corresponding secretary, she’s written over 100 cards to Sisterhood members and their families whether it be one of condolence,  refuah shelaymah  (a speedy recovery), or a mazel tov.

Todah rabah to Alisa Abrams, our Torah Fund Chair.  I’m so proud that we encourage tzedaka for such a worthy cause—supporting Jewish seminary education.

Todah rabah to Marilyn Cooper for spearheading Weekday Torah with Sisterhood each month.  She’s put together an impressive lineup of volunteer teachers.

Todah rabah to Barbara Friedell, fresh from Chicago, who formed a Sisterhood weekly mah jongg group.

Todah rabah to past president Lisa Kleine—for her invaluable wisdom; to Helen Kramer for chairing “Sisterhood Goes to the Movies”—it was Exceptional; to Judy Melamed for organizing our sizable contingent to Seaboard Region’s Vashti’s Banquet; to Carol Ansell for the Sisterhood holiday gift wrap at Politics and Prose; to Dena Bauman for writing Chronicle articles about some Sisterhood Miriams—myself and Miriam Gusevich, and to the volunteers who check us in at events and hand out programs.

Todah rabah to Susan Barocas for catering our Sisterhood events and sharing her knowledge of Sephardic Rosh Hashanah food at the opening event, which Helen Kramer beautifully described in her Chronicle article.  And to Miriam Isaacs, our gratitude for her Russian-themed closing event—interweaving poignant memoirs, poetry, and song.

Todah rabah to Linda Yitzchak, our programming co-chair, who has opened up our programming to the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes and opens up our hearts with her davening.  We wish all the best to her in her next chapter of life as she and Razi make aliyah to be close to their son and family in Israel.

L’dor va dor–From generation to generation.  Mazel tov to Rita Segerman on organizing the lobby display of the Sisterhood family chuppah, embroidered with the names of those who have stood under it. A Shavuot aliyah honored her and the Sisterhood members who made the chuppah and the beautiful needlepoint tapestry that was also featured in the lobby.

Also mazel tov to Jean Bernard, this year’s Yad Hakavod recipient.  Jean, Sisterhood is immensely proud of you! Jean, along with her team of managers, Diane Keller and Susan Winberg, and their myriad of volunteers, runs the Sisterhood Gift Shop. Todah rabah.  Proceeds from the gift shop are donated each year to the synagogue.

And a big thank-you to our Adas Israel clergy, professional and custodial staff upon whom we always rely.

And last but not least, I wish to thank co-president Marcy Feuerstein, my mentor, friend, and sounding board.  Todah rabah for all of your hard work and mazel tov on your successful tenure as Sisterhood president for two years and co-president with me this past year.   To show our appreciation, we’d like to present you with a gift, Designing Home:  Jews and Mid-century Modernism–wrapped by Carol Ansell.

Thank you, everyone!”