Shabbat and Daily Minyan

shabbat and daily minyan bannerThe Soul is invested in a body. Pray with us & find yours… 
Inspired Religious services are at the heart of Adas activities and are designed to be entirely participatory. Whether it's our meaningful daily minyanim or our wide variety of Shabbat and holiday programs, there is an inspirational moment waiting for you at Adas. Women and men are encouraged to take part equally. Find yours…


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Exciting new line-up of Shabbat services – for different age groups and in a variety of formats:

Ecstatic Friday Evenings

We’re very excited about our Friday night lineup!
Each of our various services has a name, a focus,
and a ruach (spirit) all its own:


Soulful Saturday Mornings

We continue to offer a variety of Shabbat morning services.
Torah, song, and community for everyone is available in whatever setting, style, and speed is most comfortable for you:

Kabalat Shabbat

Kabbalat Shabbat Services

Fridays @ 6pm
The tone of this service is traditional, passionate, joyful, and spiritual. We will join together in rousing traditional melodies, along with moments of depth and quiet contemplation.

Our rabbis and other community members will share short divrei Torah (words of Torah), and we’ll get you out of the service feeling renewed and in time to enjoy a wonderful Shabbat evening and meal at home.

  trans cover cropped Saturday Morning Shabbat Service

Saturdays @ 9:30am
Shabbat morning services in the Renewed Charles E. Smith Sanctuary, the synagogue's largest worship space, are led by our inspiring Rabbi and Cantor. The service includes a D'var Torah and sermon by the Rabbi and often includes participation by members and B'nai Mitzvah. Read a copy of our new transliteration booklet for the Smith Sanctuary Service.

Dial-in services (202) 686 -8405

return to shabbat Return Again to Shabbat
Presented by the Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington

Second Fridays @ 6:30pm
With Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt & Elie Greenberg. Normally the 2nd Friday of the Month.

The Shabbat experience you cannot miss!… In the style of our innovative outdoor Kol Nidre Service. Join us for a reflective journey into the power of Shabbat. Featuring seasoned musicians and a spiritual, personal excursion into prayer & song. Followed by a festive Israeli tapas-style feast. Visit Musical Moments for dates & registration! 

  Traditional Egalitarian Minyan

Saturdays @ 9:30am
This lay-led service meets every Shabbat. Members of the minyan lead the davening, read Torah, and deliver a short d'var Torah. The service is traditional in content and egalitarian in implementation with a full Torah reading. We welcome visitors and other "first timers". Visit our page, or email us at

L'Dor Vador L'Dor VaDor Services & Dinner

4th Fridays @ 6pm
Children and young people will play prominent roles in this multi-generation service, getting up in front of the congregation and helping lead prayers.

Rabbis and clergy will conduct services, teach, and create an inclusive and joyful atmosphere engaging children and offering adults an uplifting and traditional experience of t’filah (Jewish prayer). Visit Musical Moments for dates & registration!

  Havurah Shabbat Service

1st, 3rd, & 5th Shabbat
Saturdays @ 9:45am

A lay-led, participatory service that has met for 40 years, September through June on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Shabbat morning generally at 9:45 am. Rotating volunteers lead services, read Torah and conduct an in-depth discussion of the weekly Torah portion. All are welcome, including children, who are included in age-appropriate roles in the Torah service. A Kiddush follows the service. For additional information and to participate, email

shir delight YP Shir Delight – Oneg, Services, & Dinner – for Young Professionals (ages 21-35)

1st Fridays @ 6:30pm
Averaging 300 DC YPs per service, this legendary Shabbat gathering begins at 6:30 with a happy hour oneg, followed by a lay-led Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv service and catered Shabbat dinner. Our rabbis will also drop in to the service to share a brief d’var Torah with the group. Visit our YP@AI page to register.

  Shabbat Mincha
(Saturday Afternoon Services)

Join us for a Saturday afternoon of prayer, Torah, and learning. Shabbat Mincha times vary throughout the year, check our homepage for the current start time.

Traditional Lay Led Shabbat Service

2nd Fridays @ 6:30pm
Join us for a traditional, participatory, Lay Led Shabbat service the second Friday of each month. Bring in Shabbat with a joyful evening of good tunes, good ruach & good community. 





youth box Youth Services on Shabbat Morning

We have a great lineup of services for the young ones: Click Here to Explore!

Tot Shabbat, Netivot, Jr. Congregation, Shabbat Unplugged, L'Dor VaDor, Young Families Shabbat, and more!

gan shabbat cropped Families with Young Children

3rd Fridays @ 5:30pm
This monthly Shabbat service for our Nursery school age families generally meets on the third Friday of the month at 5:30 pm. We join in a service led by our Rabbis and Robyn Helzner followed by an informal, family-style Shabbat dinner. To RSVP for the Gan Family Shabbat dinner, please click here.









Daily Minyan

daily minyanCommunity & Prayer @ Adas – 7 days a week! A traditional daily service held in the Kogod Chapel of our new Biran Beit Midrash, led by a member of the clergy or community, along with congregation members. 

Morning Minyan:
Monday – Friday at 7:30 am.
Sundays and *legal holidays at 9:00 am (*except Columbus & Veteran's Day)
Evening Minyan:
Sunday – Thursday at 6:00 pm

Click Here for Updated Passover Minyan Times from Mon April 10 – Tue April 18

Twice daily, we have the opportunity to strengthen our community by participating and sharing in the responsibility of making a minyan. By attending the Daily Minyan, we share in a ritual that has endured for centuries and will endure for time to come. At Adas Israel’s daily morning and evening minyan services, we reach out to grieving congregants, welcome visitors, and strengthen old friendships.

Daily Minyan, A Portal to Warm, Harmonious Judaism 
by Arnold Podgorsky, synagogue past president