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Named "Innovative Young Adult Davening Community" 2nd year in a row!

Join us at Adas Israel on the fourth Friday evenings. Services are followed by a potluck dinner at a nearby home/party room or by a catered dinner at Adas Israel.

Ruach Minyan-goers

Get Involved

Davening: Help daven (lead Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv) for the Ruach Minyan Shabbat evening services (Carlebach-style).

  • Contact davening coordinator Ryan London at
  • Join the announcement list to coordinate people leading Friday evening services or sign up to receive emails by visiting the Ruach Minyan Daveners Google Group.
  • If you are interested in helping for set up, clean up, food monitoring, greeter, leading benching, or kiddush you can now sign up on our new sign up sheet. We are thrilled to have you volunteer to help ahead of time if you can! If you are interested, please sign up for a volunteer slot directly in our Google doc, located here.

Publicity Coordinator needed: If interested email

Host a Potluck Dinner: If you would like to host a potluck Shabbat dinner, or if you live in a building with a community party room that does not charge to rent, please contact Bill Levenson, at

Potluck Schedule/Logistics Coordination +
Set-up/Clean-up Coordinator Needed: Please email if you're interested in the position, or in helping with set up/or clean-up.

Volunteers are needed for dinner set up and clean up. E-mail to let us know when you can help. Helping with setup/clean-up also enables us to work with you if you need a discount on the price of dinner.

While the Ruach Minyan welcomes you to both davening and dinner, if you cannot come to both portions of the evening, don't let that stop you from attending either just dinner or just davening!




























About Us
We are a traditional, spirited, lay-led, egalitarian Kabbalat Shabbat service group, seeking to welcome Jews from all backgrounds and provide a warm environment for prayer, study, and growth.

Innovative Community

For the second year in a row, the Kesharim Committee of the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism (USCJ) awarded our Ruach Minyan a grant for “Innovative Young Adult Davening Communities,” one of eight in the country to receive this award.

Contact Us

We'd like to hear from you! If you have any questions, ideas to help run the minyan, or would like to volunteer to help with organization, please email

Consider a Donation

Please also consider making a donation to Ruach Minyan online
Suggested amounts: $18, $36, $54.


Your generosity helps sponsor meals for unanticipated or scholarship dinner guests so that we don't have to turn people away. $36 covers 3 guests' meals. Donations will go towards the general minyan fund unless special requests are made. In the "comments" section, please note any special details — what you'd like to sponsor, or the name of someone you're honoring with the donation — and whether we may acknowledge you publicly for your gift; please also email this information to to confirm these details.

Ruach Minyan Potluck Kashrut Guidelines

The Ruach Minyan Kashrut Committee drafted the following guidelines to allow as many people as possible to both contribute to and partake of the Ruach Minyan potlucks.

Below are two basic principles that apply to minyan potlucks. These apply to Ruach Minyan-sponsored potlucks. Ruach minyan members hosting potlucks in their own homes are welcome to set their own standards for those events.

  • All potlucks will be dairy/pareve.
  • All potlucks will have two tables: a Hechshered-only table for foods cooked in a kosher kitchen or for items bought that contain a hechsher. The other table will contain dairy/veggie food.


Suggested guidelines, in the spirit of Conservative Judaism


1. No meat or poultry or products with those ingredients, even if kosher.

2. No shellfish or non-kosher fish.

3. Food served at a Ruach Minyan potluck should not be purchased or cooked on Shabbat.

4. All non-meat products with kashrut certification are acceptable.

5. Dairy or parve products (including prepared foods) are okay and can be placed on the Dairy/Veggie tables, provided that careful reading of the ingredients is made to ensure that small amounts of non-kosher ingredients are not included. Non kosher ingredients include (but are not limited to) lard, animal shortening, or suet.

(Watch out for pie crusts – most of them contain lard.) Watch out for "shortening," it should specify "vegetable shortening". Also, products with glycerin or gelatin should only be purchased with kashrut certification.

6. For ritual purposes (e.g. kiddush, havdalah), wine and grape juice should have kashrut certification.
















7. All cheeses, even those in which rennet is used as a curdling agent, are acceptable, even without kashrut certification.

8. Everyone is encouraged to prepare cooked foods, provided that they use dairy or parve ingredients and put their food on the appropriate table.

9. If you buy bread or prepared foods from a bakery or take-out establishment, please inquire as to the ingredients used.

For questions, or if you're not comfortable deciding if your home is kosher, you can email Judith Hellerstein at

For more info on the Two Tables system which we created and which has been copied by many Independent Minyanim see the Mah Rabu blog.