PURIM 5777/2017 – The World Upside Down

Celebrate Purim @ Adas
Purim urges each of us to witness our lives from an alternate reality;
a day in which up becomes down, right becomes left, inside becomes outside, and life becomes laughter.

Join us for an off-the-wall Purim experience again this year at Adas. This year’s theme, The World Upside Down, is an ecstatic embrace of a core experience at the heart of Purim: the day simply confounds our grasp on reality! Commemorating the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from Haman's plot “to destroy the Jews in a single day,” Purim urges each of us to witness the world, and our lives, from an alternate reality, from an Upside Down reality.

We are taking this theme literally, seriously:
• Come and witness our beloved building “literally” turned upside-down and inside-out!
• Immerse yourself in creative encounters with the holiday’s Mitzvot
• Take home some useful Adas swag
• Make a scene at our homegrown selfie-stations
• Feast on some hearty “Breakfast for Dinner”
• Enjoy tailor-made drinks including MordeWine, Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shots and Vashti Vodka Shots
• Dance the night away at our star-lit Roof Party downstairs (!!) in Kay Hall complete with professional DJ 

Adas observances include a full Megillah reading, a Traditional Egalitarian Minyan family reading, readings for families with young children, and the incredible annual Purim Carnival with games, attractions, snacks, and more. 

Free and Open to the Public! Chag Purim Sameach.

Erev Purim – Saturday, March 11
5:30pm: Purim Pajama Party for Families with Young Children Register Here
7:45pm: Havdalah, Full Megillah Reading & Purim Shpiel
7:45pm: TEM Megillah Reading
9:30pm: Purim Breakfast Reception and Rooftop Party

Purim – Sunday, March 12
9:00am: Morning Minyan & Megillah Reading
9:30am: Purim Sing- Along & Costume Parade. for Children 5 and under
11:00am: The Great Adas Purim Carnival for Children and Families Register Here



Purim for Families with Young Children
Purim Pajama Party, Saturday, March 11 @ 5:30pm Register Here

Families with Young Children are invited to a Purim Pajama Party at 5:30pm on Saturday in Cohen Hall.  Bring your picnic blanket, wear your pajamas, and prepare for a breakfast picnic, at night, under the grass and amongst the clouds.  Together we will hear the story of Purim, told through story and song, pack some Matanot LaEvyonim (Gifts to the Poor), and indulge in a mimosa-filled breakfast and spend time together celebrating the most exciting night of the year!

Purim Sing- Along & Costume Parade, Sunday, March 12 @ 9:30am

On Sunday March 12th, Families with Young Children are invited to join us for a Purim Sing-Along starting at 9:30am and leading directly into our Costume Parade at 10:00am in the Charles E Smith Sanctuary. Children 5 and under are invited at 10:30 for special time on the moonbounces from 10:30-11:00am in the Kay Hall and then to head downstairs with their parents to Cohen Hall for games, art, and carnival photos until noon!

2017 Adas Israel Purim Carnival, Sunday, March 12 @ 11:00am Register Here

The Religious School and USY are hosting the Purim Carnival on Sunday March 12th. Join us for a costume parade at 10AM in the Charles E Smith Sanctuary. The full carnival opens at 11 for all! Students who are enrolled in Religious School do not need to register, neither do parents. Everyone else should pre-register here!  A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.    

Concerned about Sensory Overload on Purim?
Costumes, groggers and crowds can be overwhelming! If you need a time-out or to catch your breath, please go to our low sensory space in room 215 on the 2nd floor, which will be available from 5:30-11:30pm on Saturday night and from 9:15am-12:15pm on Sunday.  The room will be unlocked but will not be staffed, so children must be accompanied by adults.  Adults seeking quiet are welcome on their own. Alternately, you are welcome to join us for a (somewhat!) quieter megillah reading on Sunday (Purim Day) at 9am minyan in the Biran Bet Midrash, where the Booing of Haman happens at a lower volume. Please email Naomi.Malka@adasisrael.org to communicate any accessibility issues in advance.