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PASSOVER 2017 / 5777

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Chag Pesach Sameach!

The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan. It commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. And, by following the rituals of Passover, we have the ability to relive and experience the true freedom that our ancestors gained. Passover is celebrated this year from Monday, April 10, through Tuesday, April 18

Passover is divided into two parts: The first two days and last two days are full-fledged holidays. Holiday candles are lit at night, and kiddush and sumptuous holiday meals are enjoyed on both nights and days. The middle four days are called chol hamoed, festive “intermediate days.” Please feel free to consult our Rabbis if you need any help or insights in performing the time-honored, meaningful and beautiful Passover observances.

The Sale of Hametz for Passover
Please Return This Form to Hazzan Goldsmith by April 7

During Passover, it is technically forbidden to have any hametz in our possession. Because we cannot finish it all and it is improper to destroy usable food, the rabbis provided for a symbolic sale of all the hametz to a non-Jew who then "sells" it back to us after Pesach. The hametz is then no longer "in our possession."  This includes food, dishes and utensils, which are locked away in storage for the duration of the festival. 
Funds collected through donations and through the "sale" of hametz are used for charitable purposes and to help provide Passover food for those who might otherwise have none. This legal procedure technically transfers ownership of hametz that remains in our pantry during the festival. Technical ownership reverts back to us when the festival is over. Please use this form and send it to Hazzan Rachel Goldsmith by April 7, 2017.


7th Day Passover Luncheon
Monday, April 17 @ 12:00pm Register Here

Please join us on the 7th day of Passover, Monday, April 17th, following services for a special Passover luncheon. We look forward to having you with us! 

First Night Community Seder – April 10 @ 7pm SOLD OUT
But please do call us if you need help finding a seder: 202-362-4433

Join us for our annual, festive community Passover seder at Adas Israel, with delicious food, thought provoking discussion, and joyful song.  The Passover seder is one of the Jewish peoples' most treasured traditions. Few rituals have survived so long and remained so true to their original form. Using rich symbolism, role-playing, and all of the senses, the seder warmly transmits the values of human dignity, liberty, and the search for higher meaning to every society it reaches. To this day, in every corner of the world, Jewish families come together to reconstruct that original Passover seder, again and again, year after year.  And every year, there is more to learn. We look forward to sharing this beautiful and meaningful tradition with you and your family this year at Adas.

Full Passover Holiday Service Schedule

Erev Pesach, Monday, April 10
7:15 AM Pesach Siyum Service
8:00 AM Pesach Siyum Breakfast
9:00 AM Biur Chametz

6:30 PM Evening Mincha
7:00 PM Adas Community Passover Seder

Day 1, Tuesday, April 11
9:30am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan Pesach Service; joined by the Smith 
12:00pm Congregational Pesach Kiddush
12:45pm Mincha Service

Day 2, Wednesday, April 12
9:30am Combined Smith and TEM Pesach Service
Rabbi Holtzblatt
12:00pm Congregational Pesach Kiddush
12:45pm Mincha Service


Day 3, Thursday, April 13
7:30am Morning Minyan
6:00pm Evening Minyan

Day 4, Friday, April 14
7:30am Morning Minyan
5:30pm Kabbalat Shabbat Oneg
6:30pm Traditional Lay Led Pesach/Shabbat Service
6:30pm Return Again Service

Day 5, Saturday, April 15
9:30am Shabbat Service
9:30am Traditional Egalitarian Minyan
9:45am Havurah Shabbat Service
11:00am Tot Shabbat
11:00am Netivot
12:00pm Congregational Kiddush 
12:00pm Havurah Shabbat Kiddush
12:45pm Shabbat Mincha Services


Day 6, Sunday, April 16
9:00am Morning Minyan
6:00pm Evening Minyan

Day 7, Monday, April 17
9:15am Combined Smith/TEM Pesach Service
12:00pm Pesach Luncheon Register Here

12:45pm Mincha Service

Day 8, Tuesday, April 18
9:15am Pesach/Morning Service, Yizkor at 11am
9:15am TEM Pesach Service;Yizkor
12:00pm Congregational Pesach Kiddush
12:45pm Mincha Service