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Download the MakomDC 2015 – 2017 Text Packet

2015/2016 Program:
Though Judaism provides a depth and beauty for meaningful life that we at Adas Israel strive to present, too often our religious tradition is hijacked by polarized discourse. But we know deep down that our unique and grounded vision of Torah asks us to look beyond the binary in search of a robust, dynamic, and holistic religious experience, one that respects and celebrates the edges, but also prides itself on exploring the textured chasm between them.

2016/2017 Program:
Our tradition teaches us that a life fully lived is one that has the potential to feel and experience the entirety of the emotional plane. Jewish wisdom seeks to give us the tools to not just live a life, but to experience the
incredible cliffs and valleys of what life has to offer.

2017/2018 Program: STAY TUNED!