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This season in the Biran Beit Midrash, we will spend each month exploring the emotional journey of a religious life, which is so often about living between, and within, multiple truths and values.  

Torah is rarely about black or white. Yes or no. Right or wrong. Each month’s theme this year is comprised of two (seemingly opposing) emotions; Torah embraces the “and” in our lives, in our hearts, and in our world. The cornerstone of the religious impulse is the heart, the ever-dynamic place in which feeling leads to expression, expression to intention, intention to action.

How do we have faith in an increasingly fragile world? Does a religious life include doubt? How do we continue to love with an open heart? Does our tradition offer us insight into how to be courageous as we seek to be co-creators with God in this world? How do we recover from despair? These are precisely the questions with which any religion must be able to honestly grapple, and Judaism has offered thousands of years of rich material to utilize as the spiritual soil with which to cultivate these conversations.  

As our country has been divided along the fault lines of right and wrong, insider and outsider, the Torah offers us wisdom and depth for facing the most human of emotions: love and hate, faith and doubt, courage and cowardice. Our tradition teaches us that a life fully lived is one that has the potential to feel and experience the entirety of the emotional plane. Jewish wisdom seeks to give us the tools to not just live a life, but to experience the incredible cliffs and valleys of what life has to offer.  

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