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selected-national guide slingshot-14-15The JMCW @ Adas offers programs and workshops to help deepen our experience of the spiritual, and create connections to foster a vibrant, diverse spiritual community. Experience Jewish Meditation, Yoga, Mindful Learning, and spirited Shabbat & Holiday programs… all within a uniquely Jewish context.

“The beginning of our happiness lies in the understanding that life without wonder is not worth living.”  ~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Welcome to the Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington. Whether you are returning for our third year or just stumbling upon this page for the first time I would like to welcome you.  The JMCW offers meditation, yoga, soulful Shabbat services and a space to openly approach the multiple spiritual dimensions of the Jewish tradition.  We seek to open ourselves to wonder, awe, and mindfulness as we journey through life.  Whether you have been a practicioner of meditation for years or are trying yoga for the first time, you are always welcome at the JMCW.  Wishing you all a sweet new year and a year full of wonder.  

~Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt (

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Weekly Meditation Sessions @ JMCW

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Weekly Jewish Meditation sessions on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm, led by Rabbis Gil Steinlauf, Lauren Holtzblatt, Gilah Langner, and Ben Shalva.  Sessions include silent meditation and an exploration of Jewish meditation techniques followed by refreshments. Beginners are most welcome!

This year we will be experimenting with a new schedule.  On the second Tuesday of the month we will meet for meditation from 7-7:30pm.  At 7:30pm we will join the MakomDC program in the Biran Beit Midrash.  The programs we will be joining will be a chance to deepen our understanding of how Judaism seeks to guide us on a mindful path through seeing, hearing, listening, sacred conflict and building an open heart.  All other Tuesdays will continue as regularly scheduled from 7:30-8:30pm.


Return Again to Shabbat

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With Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt & Elie Greenberg. 
The Shabbat experience you cannot miss!… In the style of our innovative outdoor Kol Nidre Service. Join us for a reflective journey into the power of Shabbat. Featuring seasoned musicians and a spiritual, personal excursion into prayer & song. Followed by a festive Israeli tapas-style feast. See our Musical Moments Program for dates & registration!

Soul, Music & Tapas. For All! 
Join as we dance, sing, and discover the deep
shabbat within us all.


Book Launch with Rabbi Ben Shalva

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Tuesday, March 29 at 7:30-9:00pm
One of our very own rabbis and practitioners has written a new book called Spiritual Cross-Training: Searching through Silence, Stretch, and Song. Join Rabbi Ben Shalva for a reading, a chance to try some of the methodologies of the book and a chance to buy the book at JMCW weekly meditation. 

On a quest for enlightenment, Benjamin Shalva journeyed through the wilds of Tibet and took a pilgrimage to a white-walled monastery in Rhode Island. He wrestled with demons, danced with temptresses, and sang with hundreds of voices under the stars. Now, using the lessons and techniques gained through years of religious exploration and inward reflection, Shalva offers simple and powerful ways to connect with your spiritual self, whether it be in a place of worship or the yoga studio, or even while sitting in traffic, working late at the office, or kneeling in your garden.


Forbidden Wisdom: Jewish Mysticism through the Ages with Dr. Jonathan Ray

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Wednesdays: Feb 24, Mar 2, Mar 9, Mar 16 7:00-9:00pm REGISTER HERE
The Jewish Theological Seminary and Adas Israel Congregation
invite you to
Forbidden Wisdom: Jewish Mysticism through the Ages with Dr. Jonathan Ray, JTS Fellow and Samuel Eig Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Georgetown University.

Mysticism has been an essential feature of Judaism from its very beginning. Yet for most Jews, mystical texts and ideals remain elusive. This four-part series will explore some of the central concepts of the kabbalistic tradition, and discuss the way in which they have helped to shape Jewish thought and practice. We will trace the evolution of kabbalistic thought from its emergence in medieval Europe, to its reformulation by the mystics of Safed in the 16th century, through the contributions of the Hasidic masters of 18th-century Poland and finally to the reemergence of kabbalistic traditions in contemporary America.


Bodies of Water: Honoring Our Jewish Bodies

Pick A Sunday:
Join us for an afternoon of interactive learning about Jewish approaches and Mikvah spirituality for promoting a positive body image. Open to women and girls, ages 10 and up. Come with your daughters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, or friends for an extra special experience!


Morning Awakening

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Tuesdays at 9:15am 
Come join JMCW for an uplifting 45 minutes of mindful prayer and song as we start the day together. Morning Awakening is a new take on the traditional Jewish morning service.  Start your Tuesday with a dose of mindfulness, only at JMCW.


Mindful Yoga @ JMCW

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Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:45pm (Moving Meditation Vinyasa Flow)
Sunday 10:00am – 10:55am (Tikkun Olam Restorative Yoga)
Sunday 11:am – 12:15pm (Moving Meditation Yogic Flow)

Welcome to our new season of JMCW Yoga practice beginning Wednesday, October 14th! This fall JMCW is expanding our yoga program with brand new class offerings and a new rotating roster of 8+ Jewish Yoga faculty members. In addition to our weekly classes, we will partner with YP@AI to host three evenings of the Kavanah Experience throughout the program year. We will also be bringing a selection of Jewish Yoga speakers and workshops your way. So, keep your eyes peeled, this is going to be an exciting year for JMCW yogis.

View our JMCW Yoga Calendar Here. View class descriptions, weekly schedule and faculty bios.

Please direct any questions about yoga to Alesandra Zsiba, JMCW Yoga Coordinator:


Wise Aging

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Begins Sunday, November 1st Register Here
Wise Aging is an exploration of aging well and wisely through a Jewish lens.  Through reflective work our Wise Aging group will meet regularly to learn, share experiences and acquire skills to sanctify the moments in time that make up this stage in our lives.  Old enough to see the horizon, we can become aware that every moment in time is an act of creation, a new beginning.
The Adas Israel Wise Aging Group will be taught by Janice Mostow and Betsy Strauss who have been trained by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. The class will meet on Nov 1st, Dec 6th, Jan 10th, Feb 7th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st, and June 5th. In addition to the $36 cost of the class participants are asked to purchase the book here.


JMCW Wins the Slingshot Award!

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Adas Israel's JMCW has been named one of America's
Top 82 Innovative Jewish Organizations

Click Here to Learn More and to View the 1 Minute Entry Video
Selected from among hundreds of finalists reviewed by 112 professionals with expertise in grant-making and Jewish communal life, the then annual Slingshot Guide says that the JMCW is “altering perceptions of synagogue life and engagement and is a model for other communities on what it means to be a catalyst for change.” Vist


Jewish Mindfulness from the Rabbis

Jewish Mindfulness Resources from our Clergy and Guests:

The Jewishness of Jewish Mindfulness
By Senior Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

What is Jewish Meditation?
By Rabbi Gilah Langner

Why Jews Should NOT Believe in God 
Rosh Hashanah 2013 Sermon by Rabbi Gil Steinlauf

Claiming the Space
Rosh Hashanah Sermon in the new Biran Beit Midrash
by Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt


See The Slingshot Video

The Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington @ Adas Israel has been named one of the top 82 innovative organizations in Jewish North America! Through Jewish Mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga, and spirited learning & worship, the JMCW seeks to reclaim an embodied Jewish experience with body, heart, and soul for a 21st century synagogue life.

Past Events @ JMCW

Featured Speaker: Rabbi James Maisels-Jacobson

Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels teaches Jewish thought, mysticism, spiritual practices, and meditation across the globe.  He will join us November 14 & 15 for an amazing weekend of Jewish mindfulness! Learn More.

How To Series: How To Daven & Have It Be Meaningful

Join Senior Rabbi Gil Steinlauf for a special workshop designed to bring meaning and mindfulness to your prayer practice.  You don't want to miss this one! Learn More.

Jewish Spirituality with Rabbi Rachel Cowan

In 2007 and 2012, Rabbi Cowan was selected as one of the 50 most influential rabbis by Newsweek magazine, and in 2010 was chosen as one of the 50 most influential women rabbis by the Forward.

Mind, Body, & Soul

We entered the World of Mussar with Alan Morinis, a leading interpreter of Mussar teachings and practices, and looked at ways to help our individual souls break through the barriers that surround and obstruct the flow of inner light in our lives.

Balanced in the Light

Led by Rabbi Gilah Langer and Naomi Malka. A warm and powerful Mikvah Experience for the Fourth Night of Hanukkah.


Immersing in Holiness: A New Year Mikvah Renewal

We entered the waters of renewal in time for the High Holy Days in this intimate, intensive workshop. Participants sang, shared stories, meditated, studied text ,and moved toward a place of wholeness, with the choice to experience private mikvah immersions as well. 

Preparing Body and Soul through Mindful Moments

Led by Susan Barocas and Michelle Buzgon. Calming our bodies and minds, opening our hearts, and awakening our spirits through mindful practices can help us move into the new year refreshed, alert, and enthusiastic. Susan Barocas and Michelle Buzgon helped us concentrate on the sounds and rhythms of deep breathing, guided meditation, and melodic chanting to increase our sense of well-being and ability to accept the joys and sorrows of life. An elevating Yom Kippur experience.

Photograhic Meditation on Rosh HaShana

Led by Betty Adler. A 2-hr program using metaphorical imagery, chanting, and a short sit to open the channels for the coming year.  What are the attributes you would like to enhance, bring into greater consciousness?  Compassion?  Patience?  Love? Using a cell phone camera, you are invited to explore inwardly and then photograph the metaphor for the attribute you want to bring out in your life. Learn more in this Huffington Post article.


Mindful Parenting with Rabbi Holtzblatt

An exploration of loving, giving, teaching, disciplining, and growing our children from a Jewish perspective, led by Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt.  Parents with children ages 0-10 are encouraged, all are welcome! Learn More.

Mindful Jewish Meditation with Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appel

The cutting edge of the integration of mindful meditation and Judaism with Rabbi Bendat-Appell, of the rabbinic faculty of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality in New York, and co-founder of the Center for Jewish Mindfulness in Chicago.

Hanukkah Meditation

Led by Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt. Focusing on the spirit of Hanukkah, accompanied by the illumination of the Hanukkiah.


Spiritual Shofar Blowing

Led by Jennie Litvack. We took a deep breath and learned all about the shofar. This hands-on workshop, covered biblical references and spiritual interpretations of shofar blowing, along with techniques of lip buzzing, tonguing, and deep, soulful breathing. Read this great Huffington Post article on our Shofar classes.

Exploring the Path of Your True Nature: A Meditative Hike

The inspiration of nature can help us unite mind, body, and spirit to connect with the present moment and contemplate our true nature. For Rosh Hashannah, Forester Rick Fox led a gentle hike through Rock Creek Park, and yoga teachers Harry Chauss and Lauren Rubenstein led mindful stretching.

Meditation with Sylvia Boorstein

JMCW hosted a very special session with nationally renowned practitioner, Sylvia Boorstein.  Sylvia Boorstein is a co-founding teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, where she leads a popular weekly class on Wednesday mornings. She is also a Senior Teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. She lectures nationally on mindfulness; she teaches vipassana and metta meditation. 

Make Real and Lasting Change One Week at a Time with Mussar Yoga

Edith Brotman, author of Mussar Yoga, hosted a workshop at which we will learned more about this artful blend of an ancient, Jewish spiritual practice of self-inquiry and change with Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga.