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MakomDC December Scholar Event and Installation of Rabbi Aaron Alexander
In this special Adas event, we help ceremonially welcome Rabbi Alexander and his family into our sacred kehillah. The installation is accompanied by a keynote learning session on "Seeing Through the Eyes of God" with Rabbi Brad Artson as part of our MakomDC learning series.


MakomDC November Scholar: Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
Arguments about religion, or in the name of God, are often the ugliest disputes people have, yet arguing about those very things is a sacred tradition going back to Abraham!  What's going on, and how can we recover an ethic of controversy, and a method of argument, that brings dignity and wisdom to life?


MakomDC Kickoff Event "Cracked, But Not Broken"
In this kickoff event the Adas clergy present some of our foundational texts for us to chew over in paired and small group learning, and larger group discussion. We debate, share ideas, and uncover the principles that chart a sacred path for living Jewishly with an open heart.

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Sefirat HaOmer @ Adas
Stop by Adas for a moment, count, meditate, breathe – and prepare
your heart and mind for the gift of living, breathing Torah


A Passover Message from Rabbi Gil Steinlauf



Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appel
Mindful meditation and Judaism with Rabbi Bendat-Appell, of the rabbinic faculty of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality in New York, and co-founder of the Center for Jewish Mindfulness in Chicago.


Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg
Intimate Relations as Ritual: Sex, Marriage
and Intimacy from the Talmud to Today



Life @Adas

MakomDC @ Adas Israel
An innovative learning & engagement center in the Adas Beit Midrash (house of study)  Monthly Thematic Programs & Sessions. Innovative Speakers & Topics. Warm Community Experiences for All



The Adas Israel Community Mikvah
We are a kosher, community mikvah serving the DC/MD/NoVA area, and we welcome visits from any Jewish person for any reason.


Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington
Through Jewish Mindfulness practices, meditation, yoga, and spirited learning & worship, the JMCW seeks to reclaim an embodied Jewish experience with body, heart, and soul for a 21st century synagogue life.



Return Again to Shabbat
A video exploration of our newest, innovative, soulful Shabbat experience @ Adas Israel – With seasoned musicians, Israeli tapas, & a reflective journey into the day of rest. Click Here to learn more. 




The Behrend Adas Senior Lunch Fellowship
The Senior Fellowship at Adas – the place for seniors to expand their circle of friends and enjoy a delicious lunch with fellowship.
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Purim @ Adas 2015
Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Adas!
A Purim Megillah reading and Shpiel to the Wizard of Oz.




Kol Haolam 2015
This year's National Collegiate Jewish A Cappella Championship Competition included Eight performance groups from around the country to battle it out to be crowned Number 1 in American Jewish A Cappella! View the 2015 winners Tizmoret!















The Gan HaYeled Preschool
A video exploration of the Gan HaYeled Preschool
at Adas Israel. DC's Premiere Preschool.

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Gan HaYeled Teachers and Staff
Todah Rabah to our amazing team of educators!